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There are home business scams everywhere on the internet, each claiming to make you rich just by using your computer at home.

This is not one of those websites

Appearing here soon, you’ll find eBooks on how to start a hands-on business in your own local area.

No hype, no technical skills required.  Just ways to help other folks with your own simple side job.

This site is new and still under construction so please bookmark it now and check back later.

Need ideas now?

Until then, you can get this most wonderful idea book, 1000 ways to make money. The link will open in a new window with complete details.

I have it myself and found it to be a great resource. Not just a list, there is a paragraph on each idea to flesh it out. Not all ideas will apply to all people but it’s a big world.

I spent many enjoyable hours going through each of the truly 1000 ideas (each one is numbered) and picking out the jobs that I found appealing.

Hint: I copied and pasted the ideas I liked best for me into a Wordpad file to print out for bedtime reading. Then I took a pen to it and worked out details to make it work in my area.

(For some reason, I get good ideas as I’m winding down for the night.)

Hint: I found a lot of wonderful ideas for teens who have an entrepreneurial attitude. Good stuff.

Highly Recommended.


Real hands-on jobs for real people

Our world is changing and it's time to move from depending on a corporation to depending on yourself.

Anyone can be an entrepreneur. All you need to do is think of (or find) something that people want or need and sell it to them.

Not in a tricky way, just to grab their money, but in a helpful way.

Help people get what they want and you'll get what you want... the freedom of being your own boss.